Our hotel WIND OF LARA is a subsidiary connected to GÜRTEKNİK SOĞUTMA ISITMA KLİMA TİC.VE.SAN LTD. ŞTİ and shall hereinafter be referred to as WIND OF LARA. With this information text, we would like to state that our company is acting in accordance with the 6698 numbered Protection of Personal Data Act ("PPDA") with regards to the processing, saving, transferring, sharing and storing of all personal data and private personal data of you, our valuable customers, suppliers and all real or legal persons who are related to our company, and that it pays necessary attention to this matter. This information text has been prepared within the scope of the 6698 numbered Protection of Personal Data Act ("PPDA") in order for "WIND OF LARA" to fulfill its obligation to inform its business partners, shareholders, customers, and the real or legal persons it contacts in any way as the Data Controller, and to share the care WIND OF LARA shows while obtaining and processing personal data. In accordance with this sensitivity and our Company Policy, we would like to point out that the data that reaches our company is processed into the system only as much as is necessary, “as which data we will collect is determined according to the purpose”. The data declared by you, our valuable customers, and/or obtained via automatic or non-automatic manners are processed, shared, transferred and stored, anonymized, and if unnecessary, deleted with care in accordance with the administrative and technical measures taken, in order to increase the quality of the services we provide. Within the scope of the article 10 titled "The Data Controller's Obligation to Inform" and article 11 titled "The Rights of the Relevant Person" stated in the 6698 Numbered Protection of Personal Data Act ("PPDA"); we would like to provide you information via this "Information Text" we have prepared in order for WIND OF LARA to fulfill its obligation as the Data Controller to inform its customers, business partners and the real or legal persons it contacts, about for what purpose your data will be processed, the method and legal reason for the collection of your personal data, and your rights.

1 - For What Purpose Your Personal Data Will Be Processed, to Whom and for What Purpose It Will Be Transferred

  1. The processing of data

We collect your personal data pursuant to the official legislation and process them in accordance with the conditions and purposes set forth in the articles 5 and 6 of the 6698 numbered Act so that you can enjoy the highest level of service quality from the products and services we provide to you by customizing them to your liking and habits. WIND OF LARA processes your personal data it collects via any of the collection methods stated in the 3rd sub heading of this text, with your express consent, in order to carry out the fundamental activities of the company and its legitimate interests, plan and implement the marketing processes of products and services, carry out reporting and analysis activities, customize and present to customers the products and services after customizing them, announce them and carry out their advertising activities, and to share them with third persons where it is obligatory for the company's activities. Furthermore, your personal data may be processed when you use our call center or web pages with the intention of using WIND OF LARA services, visit our Companies and hotels, participate in trainings, seminars or organizations organized by WIND OF LARA for any purpose.

  1. The Transfer of Data

We share your personal data with our domestic or foreign subsidiaries, our direct or indirect affiliated companies and joint ventures or public institutions and organizations that are authorized to request these data pursuant to a legal requirement, our other contracted organizations, suppliers, authorized sellers, authorized dealers and business partners so that we can provide you, our valuable customers, the services and opportunities with the most added value, and to increase service quality. Your personal data can be transferred to our business partners, suppliers, the company's currently under and will be under WIND OF LARA, our shareholders, legally authorized public institutions and organizations and special persons within the framework of the terms and purposes of personal data processing stated in article 8 and 9 of the PPD Act in order for our business departments to carry out the works necessary for you to benefit from the products and services provided by WIND OF LARA, to customize and recommend the products and services to your liking, use habits, and needs, to ensure the legal and commercial strategies of WIND OF LARA and the persons who have a business relation with WIND OF LARA, to determine and implement the commercial and business strategies of WIND OF LARA, and to ensure the conduction of human resources policies of WIND OF LARA.

  1. The Transfer of Data

2 - Cases Where Personal Data May Be Processed Without Explicit Consent Pursuant to the Law

In accordance with article 5 of PPDA, WIND OF LARA may process the personal data mentioned above and received in accordance with the law without your express consent in the following cases.

  1. Clearly stipulated in the law.
  1. Obligatory for the protection of life or body integrity of a person who is unable to disclose their consent due to actual impossibility or whose consent is not granted legal validity themself or someone else.

  1. When it is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of the contract.

  1. Mandatory for the data controller to fulfill its legal obligation.

  1. Publicized by the relevant person.

  1. When the processing of the data is mandatory for the establishment, exercise, or protection of a right.

  1. When the processing of the data is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not damage the fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person.

3 - The Method and Legal Reason for the Collection of Personal Data

Your personal data, which varies based on the provided service, product or commercial activity, are collected for the above-mentioned purposes, via automatic or non-automatic methods, by offices, branches, dealers, call center, web site, social media channels, mobile applications and similar methods at all kinds of verbal, written or electronic environment so that we at WIND OF LARA can provide the products and services at the highest quality and within the legal framework, and fulfill the obligations arising from the contracts our Company has established with our business partners and the law in a complete and correct manner within this framework.

4 - Storage Period of Personal Data

In accordance with the PPD Act, your personal data processed for the purposes stated in this "Information Text on the Processing of Personal Data" will be deleted, destroyed or continue to be used after their anonymization in accordance with the Policy WIND OF LARA has published on the Deletion, Destruction and Anonymization, when the purpose of their processing according to article 7/f.1. of PPD Act ceases to exist and/or when the time-out periods that are deemed mandatory for us pursuant to the legislation for us to process your data are up.

5 - Rights of the Personal Data Owner,

Within the framework of Article 11 and the whole of PPDA, we hereby inform you that you have the right to do the following with regards to your personal data;

  1. Learn whether personal data is processed,

  1. Request information on whether personal data has been processed,

  1. Learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their purpose,

  1. Know the third parties to whom personal data is transferred within the country or overseas,

  1. Request correction if personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

  1. Request the deletion or destruction of personal data in accordance with the conditions set forth in article 7,

  1. Request that processes made in accordance with paragraphs (e) and (f) be notified to third parties to whom personal data is transferred,

  1. Make an objection in case a result arises to the detriment of yourself by exclusively analysing the processed data via automatic systems

  1. Request the indemnification of a damage in case you suffer a damage due to illegal processing of personal data,

On the processing of personal data belonging to children, we obtain the express consent of the child's parent or legal representative within the framework of the service we provide and the activity we carry out and the above-mentioned purposes, electronically or via physical forms, depending on the nature of the service provided.

When you want to exercise your rights stated in article 11 of the Protection of Personal Data Act, you have to fill the PPDA Information Form at our website and submit your requests to “Wind Of Lara Hotel Kemerağzı mah.32003Sk.No:8/1  Kundu Aksu / Antalya” personally, or to our registered electronic mail address (KEP) [email protected] Your claims you state in your application will be completed free of charge within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request. However, if the process requires an additional cost for the Company, a fee may be charged by the Personal Data Protection Board based on the tariff set out in the Communique on the Procedures and Principles for Applying to the Data Controller.